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International ocean freight


Shipping to Ghana made easy. 

About Us

About Us
Sika Group Door to Door Services
does International Ocean Freight basically from the United States of America to most countries in Africa.  Contact us for estimates on your containers to Africa, estimates on trucking, estimates on storage before shipping and estimates on loading your container.

We also offer door to door services from The USA to Ghana. We pick up from your doorstep and deliver to your doorstep in Ghana at no extra charge.

Shipping to Ghana? We pick up your items from any where in the USA. We provide you with 20' or 40' container, clearing estimates at the port of discharge and transportation. Call us for a free quote.

We make deliveries in all major cities in Ghana. We will deliver your goods at any other place in Ghana at a small fee.

We are in Charlotte, North Carolina. Contact us today for inquiries on your location, you might qualify for a free pick up.

Shipping to Ghana made easy.