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Sika Group of Companies, llc is made up of Sika Group Door to Door Services, Sika Group Foundation and Sika Group Radio.

Sika Group Door to Door Services does International Ocean Freight basically from the United States of America to most countries in Africa.  Contact us for estimates on your containers to Africa, estimates on trucking, estimates on storage before shipping and estimates on loading your container. We do door to door delivery from the USA to Ghana. Shipping to Ghana made easy.

Sika Group Foundation "Put smiles on their faces". It is a charity foundation created to support the needed. In November of every year, we make donation to the homeless, feed the hungry and donate to children's hospitals. Join us to put smiles on their faces

Sika Group Radio "It's all about motivation". Listen to your favorite Ghanaian and African music.

Are you shipping your items to Ghana? Remember to buy some hand sanitizers for family members back home.

If you are traveling Ghana for the holidays, get some hand sanitizers in your bag. Use it during your daily commute to prevent infections.

Our donation for this year will be announced soon, join us to help our brothers and sisters in need.

we sell containers for shipping
containers for shipping

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